It's Not Right! - Neighbours, Friends and Families for Older Adults

Neighbours, Friends and Family make the difference

Social isolation is hard on everyone. It helps to know that by staying home, you are taking action that will support us all. There is more you can do as a neighbour, friend or family member.

As one of the most vulnerable populations to COVID-19, seniors have to be even more careful. All over the country, there are older adults who are waiting the pandemic out alone.

Remember that this generation has seen a lot of life. They are resilient and resourceful. You can support their resilience by staying in touch. Pick up the phone. Learn how to facetime, zoom or skype. Acknowledge that isolating is hard. Share your own experiences. Ask how they are doing. Listen. Even a small amount of regular contact can make a big difference to a lonely person. We are learning just how much we need each other.

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